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If you're shopping for a child obsessed with everything automotive, a ride-on electric car is a great gift option. 18650 Power Pack

Best Kids Electric Ride-On Cars for 2023 – Car and Driver

This article was updated in September 2023 with new products and information.

Since vehicles have been hitting the streets, they've captured the hearts of kids worldwide. However, the driver's license requirement is quite the obstacle, along with that so-far-away 16th birthday. Luckily for them, the next best thing is available: ride-on electric vehicles.

Trucks, motorcycles, tractors, quads—you name it, there's a ride-on electric toy for every little one. If you're looking for a gift for the little car lover in your life, check out the best ride-on electric cars for kids, as chosen by the experts at your favorite automotive magazine.

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There are plenty of different ride-on electric vehicles to choose from—ranging from John Deere tractors to Lamborghini supercars. Thankfully, the tech here has advanced to the point where an hour or more of fun can be had before your mini set of wheels needs a recharge. Whether you have one or multiple junior revvers to entertain, these toys are designed for both solo play and side-by-side fun. Many offer remote controls for parents, giving adults the power to make sure their little speedster doesn't plow headlong into a sandbox. All are great fun.

If your kid is ready to take to the not-so-open road, here's what to look for in a kids electric car: Speed and Age Limit: Ride-on electric cars come in all shapes and sizes. While it can be tempting to get something a child can grow into, there are safety risks involved with choosing one that's too large or powerful for your child to control easily. Check the manufacturer's recommendations for age and weight. Some cars offer multiple speeds, parental remote controls, and seatbelts. Types of Ride-On Electric Cars: Kids ride-ons come in four main types: Side-by-side (SxS) cars have two parallel seats. ATV ride-ons have the rider straddling a center seat with a foot on either side. UTVs are single-seat, upright-seating variants of side-by-sides. Motorcycles are what you'd expect; toddler-oriented motorcycles usually have training wheels to keep the machine upright. Batteries and Power: The majority of these vehicles are powered by rechargeable six- or 12-volt batteries that require some skill and tools to replace if they fail. The length of time they will run on a single charge varies widely, and, over time, all of them will lose some power. Extra Features to Look For: Some of these ride-ons offer parental control of speed. A few come with a full-fledged video-game-style remote control. Is this really necessary for low-speed electric cars? It depends on your child's needs—and what you're comfortable with. As with the adult-size cars they emulate, today's ride-ons are increasingly likely to have modern features like Bluetooth, USB, or AUX ports to play music. Others have flashing lights, working doors, seatbelts, and horns.

Little adventure seekers will get a kick out of this replica Jeep, with its LED headlights, lockable doors, grid windshield, and off-road tires. It includes a parent remote, spring suspension, and a safe and manageable max speed of just 2.8 mph. It comes in five colors: black, blue, green, red, and white.

While this ride-on Jeep replica claims to be for kids age three to six, reviewers say that because of the roll bar it's actually ideal for younger, smaller kids who can easily slide into the seat. Keep an eye on that weight limit.

Also available in black, white, or red, this adorable Land Rover Discovery SUV is pretty in pink and perfect for little ones who want to own the road—er, sidewalk. It features two-wheel suspension, a parent remote, and can cruise at either a low speed of 1.8 mph or a max speed of 3.7 mph. It also sports working LED headlights, a horn, startup sounds, and an AUX input so your little one can cruise in style. Best of all, it's got side-by-side seats for playdate fun.

It's designed for ages three and up and is roomier than most others; some reviewers say their six- and eight-year-olds still fit in it.

This officially licensed G63 comes with tons of authentic touches, including exhaust pipes, body-detail decals, and opening doors that lock from the outside for safety. The seatbelt and soft-start design prevent kids from being startled by sudden acceleration. The spring suspension ensures smooth rides.

We really like that the side window piece can be removed as kids grow, extending the usable life of the toy.

There's not a junior auto enthusiast on the planet who hasn't marveled at the sleek lines and scissor doors of a Lambo. This officially licensed Aventador sports LED headlights, horn and engine sounds, a working suspension, water-resistant wheels, and hydraulic-powered doors that really swing open. Older kids can operate it independently using the steering wheel and pedal; for younger kids, parents can use the remote control to steer the toy.

Powered by two 25-watt motors and 12-volt rechargeable batteries, kids can enjoy up to two hours of ride time, with speeds up to 2.2 mph.

This large ride-on electric truck is a master at blending fun and usefulness. Complete with a working electric dump bed, you can put the kids to work hauling small things from place to place. Complete with a full spring suspension, Bluetooth capabilities, and remote control, it's a great way to make work fun.

This beautiful Bentley comes in red, black, and green, as well as white. It features working LED headlights, functional scissor doors, a high/low speed switch, and realistic engine noises.

Like all the best electric cars for kids, it also sports a remote control for parents to keep their little racer from driving away. With a top speed of about 3 mph, it offers a full hour of playtime, depending on speed and terrain. Recommended for kids three to six years of age, it has a weight capacity of 66 pounds.

Ever see a kids toy and wish you would've had one when you were that age? That's the way this mini John Deere has us feeling. This thing is remarkable! It's got two speeds—2.25 and 4.5 mph—plus reverse. (High speed can be disabled for beginners.) It operates via an accelerator pedal and has farm-like tractor wheels for traction on grass, dirt, gravel, or pavement. It also has a cool stake-side trailer and (get this!) a working FM radio.

All that's supercool, but as parents, we love the fact that it recharges in just two hours (claimed).

Little truck and tractor freaks will love this electric Cat bulldozer! It includes forward and reverse gears and a working dump bucket, plus a hard hat and some boulders for them to push around. Twin motors even allow for zero-radius turns.

Real construction sounds add to the play experience.

Adventurous kids will love this ride-on ATV. LED headlights, a kid-friendly wide seat, and a working horn create a fun and realistic ATV experience. Slow-start technology and enhanced braking make for a safe and comfortable ride.

Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port let your kid crank the tunes that drive their adventures.

For chasing pesky bank robbers around the backyard, this ride-on police SUV is a great option. Complete with lights, sirens, a spring-loaded suspension system, and a push-to-talk radio speaker, it's got just about everything a budding police officer needs.

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